3 Tips for Finding Right Diet for You

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By James Hundson (guest contributor)

If your friends and colleagues have told you that you’ve put on a lot of weight and are out of shape, you might be planning to follow a diet or go to the gym. While it is obvious you have to diet in order to lose weight, it is often difficult to choose the right diet. There are lots of diet plans available but not all of them will work for you. In order to lose weight in a healthy way, it is important to follow a diet that won’t cause harm to your body but will help you to lose weight is a gradual, healthy manner.

Here are some simple tips that will help you choose the best diet for your natural weight loss regime:

Tip #1 – Choose a plan you can stick to for the long run

This is something every fitness expert in the world would suggest. Factors like how fast a plan works, how scientific it is, or whether people have tried it in the past and gotten positive results really don’t matter. What you should seriously consider is if you will be able to do what the diet plan requires.

There is a tendency to follow the latest fad diet, but this won’t help you in the long run. What happens with many of these fad diets is that they lower your metabolism rate, which leads to even more weight gain. So, make sure you pick a diet you can actually follow in the long run. You can also consider adding a fat burner food to your diet as this boosts the process of effective and fast weight loss.

Tip #2 – Check if the diet includes fat

 Avocado Sandwich
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Previously, there was a popular notion that the more fat you consume, the fatter you became. But years of clinical research has proven that this concept is entirely wrong. It is carbohydrates, and not fats that cause weight gain. Hence, choose a diet that includes healthy fats as they are essential for your health and also help you to lose weight.

Check if your diet plan includes sources of healthy fats like unsalted nuts and seeds (cashew, flax seeds, walnuts, chia seeds, peanuts, etc.), olive oil, peanut butter, avocados, salmon, whole eggs, etc. If you want to shed belly fat within a shorter span of time, consider opting for some foods like synephrine that affect the beta-3 receptors, which in turn influence fat loss to a great extent.

Tip #3 – Will the diet create excess insulin in your blood?

 40 Years on the Stick
(photo: Chris Vaughan)

Make sure your diet doesn’t include food that will create extra insulin in your blood, because this will make you crave sugar and will lay waste to your efforts. A good diet should include the right amount of fiber, fat and protein in order to keep the insulin level of your blood steady. Also, check if the diet includes meals that are made up of low glycemic index foods.

If you have a habit of drinking coffee with added sugar, make sure you replace it with green tea. This is because green tea extract contains catechins, which help you lose weight. You can also try creatine if you are trying to increase muscle mass.

Use these tips to formulate the best diet plan to help you achieve your fat loss and overall weight loss goals. If you are still unsure about how to plan your diet, you can consult a dietician to get expert advice on how to achieve weight loss with a balanced and healthy diet.

By fitness trainer and guest contributor James Hundson.

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